CCA North East Regional Oversight Team

Region Leader: Pastor Joe Focht

Calvary Chapel of Philadelphia


We would like to welcome you to the CCA Northeast Regional Homepage.

We are committed to maintain a philosophy of ministry consistent with that presented in the New Testament and modeled for us by Pastor Chuck Smith these many years. Lloyd, Randy, Ken, Scott and I have been friends and co-laborers in the Calvary Movement for over 25 years. I am privileged to serve alongside of them and so many others in this undertaking.

Please feel free to contact any one of us if we can serve or encourage you in any way. We are a family of churches and therefore have many fellow pastors throughout the region that will be a continual resource as we serve our Lord in these days.

Regional Team Members

The following are men the Lord has raised up to assist in the oversight of the affiliated Calvary Chapels in this region. If you have any questions regarding affiliation, or any questions in general we invite you to contact any one of these gentleman for further assistance.

Pastor Lloyd Pulley

Pastor LLoyd Pulley

Calvary Chapel Old Bridge


Pastor Ken Graves

Pastor Ken Graves

Calvary Chapel Bangor


Pastor Randy Cahill

Pastor Randy Cahill

Calvary Chapel Boston


Pastor Scott Gallatin

Pastor Scott Gallatin

Calvary Chapel Finger Lakes