CCA Florida Regional Oversight Team

Region Leader: Pastor Malcolm Wild

Calvary Chapel Merritt Island


Pastor Malcolm Wild

Tending and feeding the flock at Calvary Chapel of Merritt Island has been Malcolm’s passion for nearly 30 years now. He has been invited to speak at Pastor’s conferences and men’s retreat around the US. His Sound Truth radio program is heard across the US, UK and parts of Africa. One of Malcolm’s visions for the CCMI fellowship has been to operate our own radio station. In October of 2006 that came to fruition.

His clear exposition of the Word reveals his heart’s desire to see the Sound Truth of God’s Word spread throughout the world.

Regional Team Members

The following are men the Lord has raised up to assist in the oversight of the affiliated Calvary Chapels in this region. If you have any questions regarding affiliation, or any questions in general we invite you to contact any one of these gentleman for further assistance.

Pastor Gib Allen

Pastor Gib Allen

Calvary Chapel Orlando


Pastor Kent Nottingham

Pastor Kent Nottingham

Calvary Chapel Tallahasse


Pastor Jim Gallagher

Pastor Jim Gallagher

Calvary Chapel Vero Beach


Pastor John Spencer

Coastline Calvary Chapel


Pastor Razz Vazquez

Calvary Chapel Miami