CCA Deep South Regional Oversight Team

Region Leader: Pastor Sandy Adams

Calvary Chapel Stone Mountain


Pastor Sandy Adams

Thirty-two years ago my wife and I started a home Bible Study with the intention of it being a Calvary Chapel. Our goal wasn’t just to plant a church, but a certain type of church. We believed, then and now, that the ministry we had seen modeled by Pastor Chuck and Calvary Chapel was based on the biblical principles found in the New Testament. It has been our joy to see God plant a Calvary Chapel where there wasn’t one.

When we started, no one in our community knew much about Calvary Chapel. We were an unknown commodity. Our churches in the Deep South are still growing in that kind of atmosphere. It requires a undistracted focus, and a commitment for the long haul. And that is an apt description of the men planting Calvary Chapels in the Deep South. It’s a privilege for me to serve alongside pastors who are blazing a new trail.

When I started Calvary Chapel Stone Mountain the work was hard and lonely. Planting a Calvary Chapel can still be hard, but it doesn’t have to be lonely! Today a warm fellowship of pastors and churches exist that in many ways provide each other encouragement to press on. We’re glad you’re interested in learning more about us. Welcome to the CCA website and our Deep South page.

Regional Team Members

The following are men the Lord has raised up to assist in the oversight of the affiliated Calvary Chapels in this region. If you have any questions regarding affiliation, or any questions in general we invite you to contact any one of these gentleman for further assistance.

Pastor Troy Warner

Pastor Troy Warner

Calvary Chapel Lynchburg


Pastor John Pillivant

Pastor John Pallivant

Calvary Chapel Bartlett


Pastor Jerry McAnulty

Pastor Jerry McAnulty

Calvary Chapel at Long Hollow


Pastor Mark Kirk

Pastor Mark Kirk

Calvary Chapel Knoxville


Pastor John G Hoppe

Calvary Chapel of Lexington